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Carnelian Aromatherapy Bracelet

Simple. Elegant. Effective. The ultimate in form meets function, our aromatherapy bracelets are made by us right here in Hill City, South Dakota! Natural, pumice lava beads allow for the absorption of a few drops of essential oil, letting you take your favorite fragrance with you anywhere.

A creative powerhouse and strong root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra stone, Carnelian is a little ball of enthusiasm and energy. Pairs excellently with lemongrass, which invigorates and promotes clarity, allowing the creative mind to work uninhibited.

Wear them for fashion, or wear them for the specific benefits of particular essential oils, this diverse collection is as graceful as it is useful.

Small size bracelets measure approximately 6 inches in circumference

Large size bracelets measure approximately 8 inches in circumference

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