Allergy Ease Tincture


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Whether your body gets triggered by the seasons, certain foods, or other causes, Allergy Ease is there to support you. This blend is designed to help bring back a sense of calm and balance when the body goes into reaction mode.

The herbs in this blend are generally calming to the nervous system, and immune supportive. Allergy Ease can be used both during an allergic response or as a preventative measure.

Bring balance and relief to physical reactions and sensitivities with our Allergy Ease blend.

The herbs chosen for this combination soothe the immune and nervous systems. It’s especially helpful when certain seasons, foods or other materials that cause a negative reaction in the body are present. When taking this blend, it is still necessary to avoid matter that sets off the bodies offence, however this type of herbal support can help bridge the gap from a negative reaction mode to feeling good again.

Nettles: Formic acid content helps to lessen the allergen response.
Reishi: Brings the body in synch with the natural rhythm of nature, maintaining a state of relaxation in all systems.
Skullcap: Calming to the nervous system, soothing potential overreactions.
Eyebright: Anti inflammatory properties with a center of gravity in the lungs.
Oregon Grape: Stimulates the liver to help detoxify the system, and cleanse the mucous membranes of the body.

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