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Amethyst Mini Cathedral

These Amethyst mini cathedrals are adorable!  Perfect size for an altar, in your window sill, by the bathtub or nightstand, and anywhere that needs some crystal love.

Amethyst is one of our top 10 stones that we recommend having.  It is an exceptional healing stone and has long been known for its ability to help reduce pain from headaches and other discomforts.  It balances the mental, emotional, and physical bodies and can help clear the aura.  Amethyst is another great stone to block psychic attack, it will help turn the negative vibrations into positive vibrations. Amethyst opens and energizes the crown chakra.

It can be used to offer spiritual protection and enhance spirituality by aiding and deepening meditation.  It can help focus and encourages an open mind.  Amethyst is said to be useful in decision making and facilitating motivation. Amethyst is a powerful stone that can be used to mentally calm one's self and feel tranquil. It assists in giving up bad habits such as drinking, smoking, and drug use. It is the birthstone for February.

This Amethyst mini cathedral weighs .54 lbs and is approximately 2.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

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