Attitude Adjustment


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This is our go-to formula for when a deep breath just isn’t enough to change our mood. Calming, centering, and supportive.

Suggested Use: One dropperful orally by itself or in a couple of ounces of water as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon Balm leaf (Melissa officinalis)*, Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)*, Milky Oat Tops (Avena Sativa)*, Tulsi flowering tops (Ocimum spp)*, Ashwaganda root (Withania somnifera)*, Motherwort Flowering tops (Leonurus cardiaca)*, Rose petal (Rosa spp)*, Honey*, Cane Alcohol*, Rose Water* & Water

Size: 2oz Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Made in United States of America

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