Awaken Your Goddess Set


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The products in this kit are chosen specifically to help you connect to the divine feminine energy of the universe, and bring forth the goddess residing within you. Use your kunzite bracelet to channel love and compassion, both for yourself and others. Start a daily ritual by imbibing your Luscious Embodiment elixir to facilitate genuine and bold expression. Wear your Moonstone Earrings to bring strength and flexibility, and tap directly into the dynamic power of lunar energy. Simply touch or hold your Rose Quartz, Selenite, and Pink Opal to help bring calm, surety, and serenity to any situation. Lastly, burn the floral smudge stick to cleanse and purify the energy space or around yourself.

This Kit Contains:

1 Kunzite Bracelet - For love, compassion and spirituality

1 Luscious Embodiment Flower Elixir - for empowerment, expressiveness and freedom

1 Pink Opal - For warmth, tenderness, and understanding

1 Selenite - For purifying negativity

1 Rose Quartz - For self-love and acceptance

1 Sacred Floral Smudge Stick - For cleansing energy and ushering in the new

1 Pair Sterling Silver Moonstone Earrings - For embodying lunar and goddess energies

The kit includes a description card for each of the stones (including the moonstone earrings)!

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