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Handmade Soap - Charcoal Manuka Face Bar

Handmade by Dakota Soapworks in Rapid City, SD! This soap features Manuka oil, which is said to have 10-30 times the effectiveness of Tea Tree Oil! It is anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic and most importantly, ANTI-BACTERIAL, making it highly effective against acne and oily skin.

These bars have the added healing benefit of Aloe Juice to heal skin and soothe eruptions, plus white Kaolin Clay and Activated Charcoal to remove impurities from the skin. As we always recommend, let this soap dry in a DRY area between uses (no wet soap dishes) and even with daily use, it should last weeks! Each round bar is 3.5+ ounces and very hard and long lasting. There is no fragrance added to this soap, but it does smell slightly of the Neem and Manuka Oils - a light and pleasant spicy/nutty scent. Each bar is made in small batches to ensure perfection!

Ingredients: Oils of Olive, Sustainable Palm, Coconut, Castor, Palm Kernel, Shea, Neem, Aloe Juice, Manuka; Activated Charcoal, White Kaolin Clay, Rose Geranium Essential Oil

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