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Handmade Soap - Dry Skin Facial Bar

Handmade by Dakota Soapworks in Rapid City, SD! Luxury really doesn't begin to describe these bars. Formulated with 21 years of experience, these are some of the finest soaps Dakota Soapworks has ever produced.

Each rich bar contains the following oils: Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed as a base. Each of these oils makes a good, hard soap with a great lather. Coconut can be a little drying by itself, but not when we add the rest of the oils as follows: Evening Primose, Hemp Seed, Safflower, Sunflower and Castor. Super rich and totally moisturizing without clogging pores! As if this wasn't enough... we then added Silk Amino Acids, Aloe Juice, Rose Water (no fragrance, just the properties) and a touch of French Pink Clay for GENTLE removal of impurities without drying.  We finished this one off with a Rose Geranium Essential Oil fragrance, but it's very light. No one wants a strong scent for the face, but Rose Geranium is renowned for its ability to balance skin and support aging skin.

These 3.5 + ounce round bars are silky to the touch and very pretty. Each bar has its own swirl of color from the French Pink Clay and is hand cut, stamped and wrapped for freshness with a label showing all ingredients.

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