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Lapis Lazuli Palm Stone

Coming from an ancient mine, roughly 4500 years old--the very same mine from which comes the lapis lazuli adorning King Tut's mask--this lapis lazuli shines a brilliant, electric blue! These lapis palm stones are of the highest genuine quality, with no added coloration or treatment. Own a stunning piece from one of mankind's oldest known mines!

Lapis Lazuli is sometimes known as the 'stone of royalty' because it was used by the Pharaohs of Egypt to decorate their tombs and was frequently used in their jewelry.  It was often buried with the dead to provide protection in the next life.  The rich blue color was seen as a sign of power--it is said that wearing lapis lazuli can bring out the inner royalty in all of us.

Balancing and energizing the throat chakra, lapis aids in communication by helping you find your inner truth and be able to express it. It can also assist in deepening your meditation by energizing your third eye chakra.  Lapis Lazuli is a very spiritual stone that can be beneficial for your inward journey by encouraging self-awareness and self-reflection.

Stone pictured is a sample, each stone will vary slightly due to natural variations in the stones.

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