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Moldavite Pendant

The elegant silver work in this piece really brings to life the raw and natural beauty of this Moldavite specimen. l6

About 14 million years ago, it is believed that a meteor impacted the Earth with enough velocity that it vaporized it's self and surrounding material.  The vapors were ejected back into the upper atmosphere where they solidified and rained back down as solids.  Moldavite is only found in the Czech Republic and is often times called the stone of transformation as it tends to bring positive life changes in an accelerated manner.  It also tends to affect the dreams by allowing you to access deep levels of your sub-conscious mind while in a lucid dream state, allowing you to work through and heal issues that have been buried and hidden from your conscious awareness.

This pendant is set in sterling silver and measures 1.75 inches long and .75 inches wide.

The chain is not included but you can purchase all of our sterling silver chains here!

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