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Natural Smokey-Citrine Crystal

Just over 5 inches long, this magnificent crystal is a dark smokey quartz toward the bottom, fading into the deep yellow of natural citrine. The base of this crystal was left natural and uneven.

Citrine is a very warm and powerful stone.  Like the sun, it is energizing, joyful, optimistic, and creative. It protects the environment and the aura while vanishing negativity and promoting a positive attitude. Citrine is known as the 'stone of abundance', it attracts wealth and success and is a powerful stone for manifesting your desires.

Smokey Quartz is one of the best grounding stones, an excellent root chakra stone, and is a powerful stone for repelling and removing negativity.  It can help remove negativity from the environment, one's aura/or mind, and promote positive thinking instead. 

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