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Restoration Ritual Kit

 The spirit of sage is dedicated to clearing a space of negative energy, while offering protection & blessings. Cedar, like sage, is a medicine of protection. Negative energy that attaches to people & objects is carried away in the smoke, back to the universe. Sweetgrass is known as the hair of Mother Earth. It is braided into three to represent love, kindness & gentleness. Burn to welcome in good spirits. The smoke of palo santo welcomes in blessings.

//The Restoration + Purification ritual kit includes\\
-1 hand-crafted cedar smudge stick
-1 stick of Palo Santo
-1 mini white sage bundle
-1 4" braid of Sweetgrass

*The cedar bundle you will receive is uniquely bundled, similar to the one in the listing.*

Materials: palo santo, cedar bundle, dried roses, white sage, sweetgrass


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