Rose Quartz Beads

Rose Quartz Beads


The lapidary form of Rose Quartz is found in translucent masses made of anhedral crystals. It has a hazy to translucent look due to microscopic fibrous inclusions of pink borosilicate mineral related to Dumortierite. Rose Quartz is the stone of gentle love. It lowers stress, brings brightness, compassion, kindness, tolerance and gentleness. Mined in North America, South America, Europe and Africa. Mohs hardness 7.  It is found in Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, and the USA.  It is the state mineral of South Dakota which has some of the darkest rose quartz in the world, unfortunately it is very rarely made into beads.


Product Description

Rose Quartz beads are available in round, rondelle, oval, square, coin, and trapezoid shapes in a variety of sizes and both smooth and facetted finishes.  Strands are 8 inches.  Please note pictures are for reference only and not representative of shape or size.

Additional Information

Rose Quartz Beads

4mm Round, 6mm Round, 8mm Round, 10mm Round


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