Jamaican 25 Cent Piece


This Jamaican 25 Cent Piece was hand cut with a jeweler’s saw here in South Dakota. Comes on an 18 inch silver-plated chain.  Chain can be swapped for a 16 or 24 inch chain.

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Product Description

Jamaican 25 Cent Piece “Things That Rock” is proud to present the craftsmanship of Tom Gerhardt, making his cut-out coin jewelry. Tom hand cuts these coins with a jewelers saw–a smaller version of a coping saw. After drilling varying numbers of holes in each coin with a Dremel, he puts a very small, Swiss made, high-carbon steel saw blade through each hole in the coin, sawing out around the design. After carefully cutting around the various coin designs, he uses a needle file to gently smooth and rough any edges, does a final polishing and makes them available to you. Standard U.S. coins, buffalo nickles, state quarters, and now National Park quarters are available.  Not all coins can be done, it depends heavily on the coin’s design. Foreign coin supplies vary, some offered here are one-of-a kind.  Designs and denominations change with the Euro, and some countries no long make their own coins. Tom has been doing his craft since 1983.  Perhaps better known to some of you as “The Penny Man” where for 20 years he squashed out pennies with the imprint of Mt. Rushmore and Sturgis Bike Week on the board walk in Keystone, South Dakota.  He has traveled across the country in the off season doing festivals and flea markets.  When asked how long it takes to make one of the coins, he replies: “Depends on how many beers I had last night.”


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