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Atlantisite is a useful stone when dealing with past life issues and spiritual evolution.  It is a combination of serpentine and stichtite, therefore it is also beneficial for clearing the chakras and activating the kundalini energies.  

Atlantisite is also sometimes known as Stichtite.  It has been known to carry the knowledge of ancient civilizations.  By activating the kundalini energies, Atlantisite cleanses the aura, and energizes the chakras (specifically the heart chakra). The green and purple coloring in the stone provides for loving and healing energies for the heart and crown chakras. It encourages forgiveness, helps one to let go, and nourishes compassion.

High quality tumbled Atlantisite

The stone pictured is a sample, we hand pick and send only high quality stones.

Sold individually.  Each is approximately .75″ x 1″

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