Things That Rock is owned and operated by Cori Gallucci, and her husband Michael Gallucci. Located in the idyllic, small mountain town of Hill City, South Dakota, Things That Rock was first established in the spring of 2012 by Cori and her mother, Shari. Together, Cori and her mother shared a passion for stones and jewelry, and were fortunate enough and driven enough to turn that passion into a business and lifestyle.

In the years since that fateful spring, Things That Rock has grown considerably, first expanding into a second building, and then moving into a new location in the historic downtown block of Hill City. Today, Things That Rock carries a huge selection of minerals and stones from all over the world, as well as a substantial inventory of unique, handcrafted gemstone jewelry. But, true to the name and with aspirations beyond being merely another rock-shop, Things That Rock has an enormous assortment of other product lines--from salt and onyx lamps to books on geology and spirituality; there are meditative tools and aids, an apothecary section featuring incense, essential oils, organic teas and herbal products, and a huge selection of gemstone beads. You’ll have to stop in order to see everything we have to offer!