Iolite + Sunstone Sphere


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This iolite sphere is a beautiful dark color with patches of sunstone through out!

A powerful third-eye chakra stone, Iolite excels at healing old wounds (especially emotional or psychological wounds) and clarifying your inner vision. Often used in shamanic work, Iolite actively assists in inward journeys and self discovery. Iolite possesses a soft, nourishing energy, which enables you to more smoothly integrate personal revelations, and accept personal mistakes or shortcomings.

The power and energy of the sun distilled and frozen into crystal form, sunstone resonates with the sacral and solar plexus chakras--the seats of sexual and personal power. Like the fire of the sun, sunstone exudes the light of creation and action, making it an excellent stone for overcoming challenges and seeing through difficult tasks. The heat of sunstone is pure and strong, and its warming energy will lift the spirit while also calming tumultuous emotions and relieving troublesome thoughts.

This serpentine sphere is approximately 3 inches in diameter.  Listing does not include the sphere stand but you can purchase a selenite sphere stand here!

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