Blue Rose Quartz Tower


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A quite recent discovery, Blue Rose Quartz currently only comes from Madagascar. While there is some debate about whether it is a true variety of Rose Quartz, or should be differently named, the stone itself is mined from a Rose Quartz vein, and seems to be linked to its namesake. Early testing and information suggests the rich blue-lavender color comes from microscopic dumortierite inclusions in the quartz, a very similar phenomenon to how Rose Quartz gets its color. This combination of quartz and dumortierite make this rare stone adept at providing insight and clarity. However, with its connection to traditional Rose Quartz, this gorgeous variety also acts as a heart-chakra opener, allowing love and compassion to flow generously forth.

Blue Rose Quartz connects the heart to the mind, facilitating emotional insight and understanding. This quality can make this a particularly powerful meditative aid, especially if you are seeking to overcome a personal emotional obstacle, or resolve an emotional conflict.


This tower stands at 5.5 inches tall, and is approximately 2 inches across at the base.

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