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Jet, much like coal, it is a byproduct of decomposing wood. It is known for its ability to neutralize negative energy and cleanse one's energy field or aura. It has been used as a Talisman for centuries to eliminate fears and protect against illness and violence.

Jet also emits a calming energy that can be useful for alleviating depression and mood swings, this property is best utilized when mediating with jet. We recommend holding jet in your non-dominate hand while meditating. The capacity to block negative energy is intensified when combined with black tourmaline or moldavite.

Due to its capacity to block negative energy, it can even assist in cleansing other crystals and your environment. If you use it to cleanse other healing stones, you will want to cleanse and recharge the jet afterwards.

High quality tumbled Jet.

The stone pictured is a sample, we hand pick and send only high quality stones.

Sold individually.  Each is approximately .75″ x 1″

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