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Larimar is a fantastic throat chakra stone because of it's ability to enhance communication and encouragement to speak from the heart. It is a highly feminine stone that helps one connect to their inner goddess energies.

Larimar is a very cooling stone that promotes a calming energy within one's self. It is a great stone for new mothers as it can help relax the mother and reduce stress! It inspires one to respect and love one's self. 

When placed in one's environment, the stone emits a serene and peaceful atmosphere. When you receive your stone we recommend cleansing it under running water and then asking it to work for your highest good--crystals work best with affirmations and set intentions.

High quality tumbled Larimar.

The stone pictured is a sample, we hand pick and send only high quality stones.

Sold individually.  Each is approximately .75″ x 1″

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