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Malachite is another excellent stone for blocking negative energies while diffusing your own energy field with positive vibrations.  As a heart chakra stone, it fills the heart with unconditional love and provides balance and peacefulness.

Malachite is a good stone to have around during change and transformation as it helps one understand what is needed and encourages healthy change.

As a solar plexus stone, it can help increase self-confidence and will power, it can help one to be more outgoing and less shy. It is a great stone for building confidence where ever confidence is lacking or needed.

High quality tumbled Malachite.

The stone pictured is a sample, we hand pick and send only high quality stones.

Sold individually.  Each is approximately .75″ x 1″

Malachite is one of the stones that should be handled carefully as it can be toxic when in raw form.  It is best to use polished malachite.  We recommend not using malachite as a gem elixir.  It should be cleansed and energized often.

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