Pink Tourmaline in Lepidolite Pendant


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The quintessential heart chakra stone, Pink Tourmaline emanates a strong, yet subtle aura of love and acceptance. Particularly associated with feminine and yin energies, Pink Tourmaline is a powerful heaker, most specifically for old, even forgotten traumas. This beautiful gemstone will be right at home hanging close to your heart, casting a shroud of calm, security, and love around you.

Rich in lithium, Lepidolite possesses a particularly powerful calming energy. The perfect stone for peace and tranquility, this member of the Mica family soothes emotional stress. Lepidolite often forms with quartz, amplifying its latent healing and calming capabilities.

It is set in sterling silver and measures about 1.25 inches in length and is half an inch wide. The chain is not included but you can purchase all of our sterling silver chains here.

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