Prehnite with Epidote Tower


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Another stone of unconditional love, Prehnite encourages one to trust in the universe and connects the heart to one's will--reminding one of their innate personal power and to use it to spread love.  Prehnite is a great stone to help heal the healers and create a healing haven for one's self. It is a remarkable calming stone that brings peace to one's self and their environment, Prehnite is often used in gridding for its ability to help create a tranquil environment. It can improve visualization, deepen meditation, and facilitate spiritual growth. 

In Feng Shui, Prehnite is a stone to help one declutter and get rid of things that no longer benefit them which will ultimately lead to better organization.  Psychics can benefit from it by using it to strengthen their predictions and cause them to be more accurate.

Each stone will vary due to natural variations in the stones, we pick and send only the highest quality stones.

Towers are approximately 3-3.5 inches tall.

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