Rose Quartz Palm Stone


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Rose quartz is known as the stone of love and correlates to the heart chakra (4th).  It opens the heart at all levels, encouraging self-love and acceptance--it is important to love and accept yourself in order to be able to love and accept others.  The energy the stone radiates is very calming and peaceful. It draws out negative energy and reinstates a loving spirit. 

It is an exceptional healing stone in the relationship area of your life. Rose quartz attracts love and can help heal existing relationships by supporting unconditional love. This stone can be very useful for connecting one to universal love which makes it a good stone to have during any type of crisis.  It can be a balancing stone, helping to balance the yin-yang energies and attune each of the chakras (specifically the Heart chakra).

Each stone is approximately 1.75 inches by 1.25 inches.  Stone pictured is a sample, each stone will vary slightly due to natural variations in the stones.

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