Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant


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This fun tourmaline pendant features many different types of tourmalines!  The main stone is watermelon tourmaline, the rectangle stone directly under the watermelon is green tourmaline, and the three accent stones on the bottom are pink and yellow tourmaline.

It is set in sterling silver and measures approximately just under 3 inches in length and just over half an inch wide. The chain is not included but you can purchase all of our sterling silver chains here!

A combination of pink and green tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline truly is the ultimate heart-chakra stone! Known to soothe the heart and calm emotions, this gorgeous gem enables you to act from a place of love, rather than fear. Sometimes called, "the stone of wisdom," Watermelon Tourmaline supports and uplifts the mind, facilitating mental wellness. The stability, compassion, and well-being engendered by this variety of tourmaline make it an excellent choice for strengthening or healing relationships.

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